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  2. We’ve Moved!

    Yes we’re not joking, we have moved. Just the blog though, mind you. We’ve decided to switch blogs to Blogger as we wanted to readers to view our actual blog and not just our Tumblr page, since we’ve put much work into editing it. So we’re in a way starting over.

    To help Time & Couture on its next stepping stone, we’d appreciate very much if all of you lovely readers would continue to follow us on our new path.


    P.S. We have a new schedule now! Monday, Wednesday & Saturday mornings (PDT).


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  9. Hi Everyone

    Just caught on to this Style Blogger competition that Company is holding in association with Missguided. If you feel that my blog totally speaks volumes to you. I would really (and I mean REALLY) appreciate it, if you could nominate me. You just need to go to my blog and copy and paste my blog URL into the nomination form.




  10. Look what fell on my doormat yesterday! Already a quarter of the way through the book, couldn’t put it down. My collection of fashion books start…NOW!

    x P.S. I so did not get the book just because of the cover. It was a big influence though.